The Journey Begins

Welcome, psychology students and enthusiasts!

Psychology Quarterly magazine will strive to bring you the best of content that is of value to students and health-care practitioners. But this is also a magazine for everyone - parents, teachers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, bringing you insightful and engaging articles and activities.

The content will be focused on the latest research in the world of psychology and related fields, such as anthropology, social sciences, and neuroscience. And there will be many academic lessons especially formulated for psychology students.

Psychology is a vast field of study. There are more than fifty divisions of psychology as per the American Psychological Association, some of which are clinical psychology, social psychology, evolutionary psychology, and developmental psychology. You can find the full list here:

One of the main motivations for this project was to counter the vast ocean of pop psychology that is covering the internet. We find so much of false information and advice and social media content without context, which misguides people to adopt behaviors or thinking patterns not suitable for them.

In this magazine, we assure our readers that only well-researched articles will be published. We will separate the wheat from the chaff and offer you quality content from our experienced staff and professional guest writers.

We depend on your donations and subscriptions to keep this project moving forward. Therefore, if you wish to support us, do subscribe.

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