Journal Note

I knew you were already a butterfly,
A matured ripe tree that was strong when we met.
You have your roots deep within the earth,
You have two wings, the most colorful, spreading all bright and wide and proud.

But honey, I am still just a caterpillar,
One that came out of an egg yesterday.
No legs and barely trying to move,
Twisting my body once to move half of my length as I do,

I am a twig with only two leaves,
Still attached to a seed with three hairs, as my roots,
Barely trying to grab the earth,
Trying to adopt and find where I feel belonged.

I know you want me to grow fast,
I know I am keeping you from flying away to see the world.
I know you are tired giving me shade and,
You want to grow all tall to the limits of the sky.

But honey, this is all I can do right now,
I am sorry, I am trying really hard,
And I am as fast as I can be,
And I am as twice fast as I should be,
Every day, I am trying to jump up and feel your wings,
Every day, I am trying to jump up and touch your big leaves.

Yet I fail!

I wished you could fly down a little from up there,
So I can at least touch your wings once in a while,
So that I will feel a tiny bit closer to you.
I wished you could bend a little when the wind blows,
So that your big leaves will touch tiny those of mine,
and I will feel that I am growing,

But I understand, that could be taking a step back for you,
And that will stunt your growth for a while.

And I understand you should do that only if you want to,
And you should not if you don’t want to.

I know, as much as I want you to wait, I can’t simply ask you to.
And I know I can’t stop you from leaving, if you feel like you have to.

- By Chum_Chum_97

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