Psychology Quarterly accepts articles in all three languages – Sinhala, Tamil, and English.


The “Journey” section of the magazine will highlight psychologists’ academic journeys with personal anecdotes. This section aims to encourage psychology students and give them a closer look at their chosen profession through the personal experiences of those who have traveled a similar path. Psychologists, coaches, counselors, and other healthcare professionals are invited to share their experiences with our young readers.

All other sections

Anthropology, philosophy, religion, biology, evolution, and history are all intertwined with psychology. You are welcome to contribute articles that connect psychology to any other field of study that psychology students might find interesting and relevant. Your submission will explicitly connect to a psychological principle/s.

We welcome commentary on the most recent psychology research and findings. Psychology Quarterly will also feature counseling studies and seek contributions from experienced counselors and psychotherapists to share their insights. In summary, we will accept:

  • Long-form essays (opinion pieces and academic)
  • Book summaries
  • Research summaries
  • Psychology lessons for IGCSE Ordinary Level and Advanced Level.
  • Lessons for Psychology undergraduates – especially articles that encourage qualitative research.

Word count, language, and style

Psychology Quarterly publishes articles ranging in length from 750 to 2,500 words that are appropriate for our target audience. This audience includes psychology students aged 16 and up, therefore, we encourage using appropriate language.

We anticipate that all submissions will be understandable to lay readers.


References will be published in Psychology Quarterly. The electronic version of the article should include hyperlinked citations and other external references according to APA 7th edition style. A full list of references is expected for all submissions except for articles in the “Journey” section. The e-magazine will have hyperlinked citations and the printed magazine will have a list of references.

Pieces may be re-posted elsewhere with the author’s and Psychology Quarterly’s written permission.


A minimum of LKR. 10,000 is paid to published authors per article. Articles published in the “Write Club” section do not fall into this category as it is a section for highlighting the writing talents of members.

Write Club

Write Club encourages everyone to write – short stories, poetry or even novellas. Psychology Quarterly will offer these writers a space for showcasing their work. All articles accepted for Write Club will be published in the printed version of the magazine. We accept submissions in all three languages – Sinhala, Tamil, and English.


Authors who email us should include their entire draft submission. We will not commission future (prospective) articles.

In the “Contributors” section, we include a photograph of the author. If your article is accepted for publication, please send a photograph of yourself.

Following review, our staff editors may ask accepted authors for additional drafts. An article will not be published in Psychology Quarterly until the author has approved the final edit.

All authors will receive a response from Psychology Quarterly within a week.

We are excited to collaborate with you. Pitch your work to


At Psychology Quarterly, we do not accept any articles generated by AI. All submissions will be checked with software that detects AI-writing. However, we are also aware that detector software is not 100% accurate and that genuine human writing is sometimes detected as AI. Our team will take this into account during our editorial processes.