Marijuana-induced Depersonalization

Amal's first experience with weed left him in a bad state. Along with the psychoactive effects, he started to feel extremely anxious, and then he panicked. He felt as if he was losing total control over himself and thought he was going insane. He had to ask his friend to call his father to come and pick him up because he felt like he and his body had separated.

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Food Choices and Mental Health

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Toddlers and Tech

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Postpartum Depression

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Critical Review

Much of the suffering that psychologists try to alleviate can only be addressed by a response from humanity and a non-judgmental understanding of the individual. It can’t be done with a standardized protocol based on some rigid and shallow theory or research. Human relationships are much too complicated and much too individualistic to grant an approach that is said to be applicable to everybod

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