Caring Friend

So much
Of me
Grows out like vines and creeps and cradles the ones I love
Like glass
My thorns would never dare prick
Those so kind and treasured.
At my heart, I am a foolish dancer on a stage for the ones I love
Hoping that my twists and turns and missteps cause them to tweak a smile
It is not bouquets of flowers I crave
Or applause
Not to please but to be enjoyed
To make joy
And love
And happiness and warmth
I want to be the warm blankets and fires in the hearth on rainy days
I want to be the hot chocolate and the old books
I want to be the bone-deep, gratifying exhaustion that cradles someone to sleep
I want to be the lullabies and the shining stars and glittering moons at midnight
I want to be a lot to people,
but as of now, it is only these small acts that I have the power to do
Just like the moon happens to be perfectly rounded and waxy yellow, a comfort after a nightmare,
I attempt to be the lyrics that "get you" and the video that made you laugh

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